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Dockmate® RECEIVER

The device our Dockmate® remotes talk to. The Receiver translates the commands given through the remote and relays them to your boat’s controls. The Receiver is in essence the link between the Dockmate® remote and your boat.

  • The Dockmate® Receiver is a modular system. Every Receiver is assembled and programmed for a specific boat. The boat’s equipment and the customer’s wishes determine which modules are installed in the Receiver. This means every Dockmate® is built to order.

  • The Receiver is connected to all the necessary controls of your boat.

  • The Receiver is made out of aluminium and completely waterproof to IP67 rating.





Dockmate® Receiver

Dimensions:23,8 x 20,5 x 8,6 cm or 9.4 x 7.9 x 3.2”

Weight:ca. 1,95 kg or 4.3 lbs

Frequency:433,5 MHz (US, Australia and others)
868,3 MHz (Europe)

Range:50 metres or 165 feet

Housing:Aluminium - according to IP67 specifications

Power:12V or 24V
You can connect 2 different power sources to the Receiver: 1 for the Receiver itself and 1 that is routed through the Receiver to the Dockmate® Cradle (wireless charger).

Operating temperature:-10°C to +60°C or +14°F to +140°F


Recommended mounting spot:

Behind the dashboard, so it’s close to the controls it needs
to be connected to.

FCC certified
CE certified


Dockmate Receiver IP67.webp
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